Soda Blasting

By BV Media Blasting


In the past, the only way you could remove paint or some other unsightly material from a contaminated surface was to either chip it off, sand it, use harsh chemicals or sand blast it. Now there is Soda Blasting.



Similar to the concept of sand blasting, soda blasting is much kinder and gentler to the underlining surface and the environment.



The soda blasting process is gentle enough to remove almost any coating without harming the substrate.



Soda blast media is FDA approved, non-toxic, and contains no free silica; it is non-flammable, and non-hazardous.



Soda blasting is the latest, greenest technology to safely strip paint and/or clean any surface.


Soda blasting is a versatile and green cleaning stripping technology that is being used in many industries.

Graffiti Removal

Soda blasting is perfect for graffiti removal. There are no hash or harmful chemicals, just environmentally safe sodium bio-carbonate. Clean up is simple. Sodium bio-carbonate is water soluble and just rinses away. Sewage treatment plants love it when you use soda blasting because the base PH helps neutralize acidic content in their influent.


Auto Body Industry


Our soda blast system is vastly superior to sand blasting and sanding for stripping paint in every way. It is environmentally safe, it works faster and will not damage the substrate. Whether bondo, metal, plastic, rubber or fiberglass, soda blasting will remove paint leaving the substrate clean and ready to paint. Soda blasting will strip paint from deep crevasses where sandpaper could never reach.

It is nonabrasive and won’t mar or haze chrome or glass surfaces. Soda blasting removes paint and grime leaving your project ready for the next step. Finally cleanup for soda blasting is a breeze. There is no residual grit, the Natrium soda blasting media is non-toxic and water soluble, just rinse it off!

Food Processing Industry

The soda blast system removes gross food residues and microbes, allowing the sanitizer to completely disinfect the surfaces. Food contact surfaces must be absolutely free of organic materials to be sanitized properly.

The powerful action of sofa blasting can clean deeper and remove grease and particles that chemical cleaners and disinfectants can leave behind.

Benefits for the food Industry:

•A-1 Cleaner
•Baking Soda is USDA/FDA and Kosher Approved
•Soda Clean “Maintenance Plus” is G.R.A.S
•Non-Abrasive… won’t damage equipment
•Cleans Quickly- water soluble
•Zero Microbial Reading archived after soda blasting



Soda blasting is the best technology for cleaning and restoration of brick and wood. Whether you are cleaning up from fire damage or just removing the effects of age and neglect, soda blasting is the most effective and environmentally sound method to clean things up. Soda blasting using the Buster Blaster system allows you to work quicker and more effectively with no damage to the substrate at all!


A clean machine is simply more effective. By cleaning your home and devices with soda blasting you help reduce down time from dirt and grime build up.  The soda blaster has the ability to clean objects that are often difficult to clean fully by hand, either because of scale or design. With a clean machine making repairs and maintenance are much easier.

•Removes Protein Buildup
•Removes Carbonized Grease
•Bio-film Intrusion
•Increases Machine Productivity
•Eliminates Pest Harborage
•Removes Grime, Smoke, and Grease

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The Buster Blasters


The Buster Blaster is the only soda blaster designed from the ground up specifically for soda blasting and only for soda blasting. It is not a conversion or modification it is a true soda blaster.

With a metering valve precision fit to enable soda consumption to be reduced by 20 to 50 percent. The Buster Blaster runs consistently with no variation in the media flow throughout the blast job.


Before & After

Brick Cleaning

1950’s yellow brick school cleaned using the Buster Blaster

Graffiti Removal

Grey cinderblock wall with different colors and ages of paint.

Paint Stripping

Historic wood home siding with multiple paint layers.



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